Ugghh, she is going to turn 12 next month. How should I will be able to initiate this talk? Is this the right time? Would she able to understand it? And what if she starts bleeding early? Will she able to manage all her cravings, stains and shame? ”

And so-on goes the endless baffling moments and questions that every mother ponders upon and faces when her daughter is about to turn 12.
Are periods so scary that it horrifies them for the first time and give stress to young ladies to talk to their “own” daughters?

Well, WOMEN are undoubtedly backbone of our nation, but even today they continue to live under threat posed by numerous social evils, which are though being highlighted and prominent since centuries, but an unheard turmoil that woman faces every month since 12 years is PERIOD. Many girls and women are restricted for- Not entering into temples, kitchens, offering prayers and touching holy books, because of menstruating and myths linked.
Well, the Real problem which is being highlighted in this era, where people have reached one step ahead of superstitious beliefs is that they are still stuck on SHAME to express PERIODS as a grave and an open issue. They are not consented to talk about a common agenda- PERIODS,
Does talking and creating awareness about menses isn’t equally important as for equality and discrimination? But shhh, it’s about girls sensitivity, it’s such a shame and must be kept confidential to them… Gone are the days when myriad of superstitious or gender specific rituals were not expressed openly as still they give birth to infinite social evils.


Round the month the 5 heck days are very irritating and somehow it makes women to lose interests in their daily routines and activities because of severe headaches and pain. Well, it so happened around 6 years ago that I experienced my first menstrual headache ; damn, more severe than a migraine attack it seemed , it made me loose comfort, I felt that I began to drown and disappear in amidst of my room, I screamed for like an insect is stinging me, as it travelled in my veins of all upper abdomen of my body, from head to facial muscles and to shoulders and spinal cord…. but no sooner or lesser it became a part of my routine work, I gradually got use to sense such pain every month. But was I only the one to experience such mediocrity at my puberty stage?
But wait a second, what about drooling up during menses? Don’t women feel discomfortable with everyday outfits or too complicated ones? It becomes such an obvious thing that all she wants on her periods are a scoop of hot chocolate and casual hoodies.
But it’s the middle of the week and she needs to be in the office dressed in business casual attire, looking perky and presentable.
“Do I have anything to wear?”
The all time hard reality question that women face…
Life is full of struggles since the creation of the world.” However, a constant and prominent fighter overcomes any difficulty against any obstacle. And so the great virtue of women teaches everybody to acquire the will to win.


So, starting above all, yes, this is the right time to talk about periods. Well, periods aren’t as scary as they seem to be, they are just a biological and natural phenomena that every next woman faces and is just bleeding from vagina due to hormonal changes in body. Educating the young ones and males about periods is as pivotal to the females. It’s about people, the masses, and the humans who need to be given Period Education just like ordinary school education. Education plays an indispensable role in human lives, without this equipment life is as barren as a desert. So, it’s pivotal to nurture the human assets with right attributes, so that they can function together with equality, fraternity and liberty by creating more opportunities to dispel conundrums impacting their capricious approach.


It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” Period education includes every teacher interacting with their children, it includes campaigning in institutions, conducting sanitary drives for rural population, guiding rural women to use safe and unleakable pads instead of cloth, and even to urban sections to use safe, biodegradable, convenient, rashes free pads to be at ease ; The advertisements on television should lay more emphasis on such agendas. Different Ngo’s must organise workshops in educating the youth, some periods specific movies must also be laid down before the public and atlast, the necessity and importance of Periods must be taught to both Men and women. Hence, with distinctive paradigm approach, it’s possible to break vicious unawareness of periods to allow the individuals to utilise cognitive ability to think and visualize the consequences of futuristic goals. This is a blot on our society and so, is being treated as only women`s issue. So there is an urgent need to take stringent actions to restore and create this as open forum to nurture both their strengths and weaknesses.
So, period education is as important as drug or cleanliness education. #LETSTALKABOUTIT. Make PERIODS a normalise content and spread awareness and educate the fellows as could as possible. #ibleed #bleedred #thisbloodisme #iamthisblood



  1. Very beautifully written.
    The need of an hour is to make everyone talk openely about periods.
    Looking forward for more of such stuffs.✨

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  2. I appreciate the fact that you’ve initiated something to make the people around us more aware and knowledgeable. This is soo good✨❤️❤️

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Many of people doesn’t talk on this topic but you have done admirable work & you have a healthy perspective.
    Your efforts on strengthening our modern culture have not gone unnoticed.
    Well done & keep it up 🤗 👍 🤘

    Liked by 1 person

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